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Stress measurements

Our client specific measurement and controls service was founded with the vision of providing control solutions and instrumentation for both marine/offshore processes and research industries onshore by applying the most suitable available technology for any given application.

We use the latest technology in the field of advanced measurement tooling and control systems for industry, shipping (dredging) and offshore.

The instrumented stress measurement solutions on structural parts offer a number of features that make it a more flexible, and reliable tool for a wide range of monitoring applications — whether it’s monitoring strain in structural, measuring torque on propeller shafts or on experimental vessels, and/or being used as input signal conditioning for analog sensors for further data acquisition and processing.

Solutions are available with hardwired custom-built remote enclosures to protect the system’s remote radio telemetry unit and battery from damage due to debris.

Electronic accessories

In support of the instrumented parts comparable with a sort of force transducer application, we supply a broad range of electronic modules, which includes:

  • Analog and digitizing signal conditioning amplifiers
  • Secondary measuring instruments
  • Junction boxes
  • Remote electronics, radio telemetry data acquisition
  • PC/PLC based systems and load indicators