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Smart Sensor (data logging) in load link and shearpin style load cells

Our client specific measurement and controls service was founded with the vision of providing control solutions and instrumentation for both marine/offshore processes and research industries onshore by applying the most suitable available technology for any given application. We use the latest technology in the field of advanced measurement tooling and control systems for industry, shipping (dredging) and offshore.

Techno Monitoring have put 40 years of experience into designing market leading subsea load sensors ideally suited for any operational offshore environment from the splash zone to deep-sea (3800 mtr).

One of the most difficult environmental applications when faced with an unpredictable, harsh and challenging, robust construction is the key for reliable signal conditioning, data collection and logging. 

In this application load link load sensors can face a number of threats from chemical corrosion to powerful collisions with heavy objects.

That is why our sensors are fully stainless steel, have vacuum injection molding of the electrical cables to the sensor body and thick sensor walls. 

Their tough construction prevents premature failure, giving you confidence in the durability of your dedicated load sensor. 

Our transducers and sub- and deep sea sensors incorporate the most recent technological advances (force with further integrated options for: acceleration, vibration, inclination and temperature) in subsea load measurement.