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Mooring & Anchor Line Load Monitoring

Our client specific measurement and controls service was founded with the vision of providing control solutions and instrumentation for both marine/offshore processes and research industries onshore by applying the most suitable available technology for any given application. Techno Fysica uses the latest technology in the field of advanced measurement tooling and control systems for industry, shipping (dredging) and offshore.

As industry leader our systems utilize the world’s most accurate and reliable payout sensors and force transducer design to constantly monitor the tension on anchor cables and chains to keep offshore rigs, platforms and related support vessels stable and their crews safe.  

Our turn-key load and payout systems in anchor winch systems provide the highest level of performance and reliability. Depending on the application, our systems with instrumented sheaves can be hard-wired or wireless with dedicated radio telemetry and can also include instrumentation data logging.

Custom designed systems for your specific application. We can also offer systems for hazardous area locations.

Sheaves can be designed to equip sensors to measure tension, payout, speed and angle.

Application Examples

  • Over boarding sheaves mooring and anchor line monitoring.
  • Horizontal and vertical deck sheaves for fairlead applications.
  • Portable and permanent sheave systems for Tow Fish / Gantry Side Applications