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Load cell hire

Techno Monitoring has a range of load cell transducers for hire ranging from 2 tonne up to 500 tonne and multiple load cells in all sizes.

Tension load cell common sizes are: 1t, 15t, 40t, 50t, 110t, 250t and 500t.

All our hire load cells are calibrated with a current in-house calibration certificate or endorsed by Lloyds Register of Shipping, and all load cells have an individual battery powered load indicator.

If your application requires data logging we are specialists in this field and can log data at rates from 1Hz and higher. Any force transducer or load cell can be set up to log data to our in-house designed data acquisition systems.

We can also supply shackles with all our tension load cells.

Load cells can be supplied in wireless version or wired version. The wireless radio telemetry version has the advantage of not requiring a cable between the load cell and the handset. The cable version whilst requiring a cable has the advantage of being able to be connected to a data acquisition system and thus data can be logged during a test if required.