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Maintenance & Reconditioning

We have extensive experience in the load measuring industry. Save money on your old, damaged compression type load cells, load links and single or dual shear plane load cells (shearpin load cells).

Send them to Techno Fysica and let us refurbish them for you or make a new load cell if they are beyond repair. We have dealt with every application for which you are seeking support.

We are currently reconditioning all brands and types of load cells. Our customers enjoy economical services with short turnaround times. You can be assured that any load cell that is repaired by Techno Fysica will be returned to you in “As New” condition. This is because we subject each and every load cell to a complete overhaul:

The strain gauge instrumentation and compensations are replaced with new sensors. Each reconditioned load cell is tested for linearity, creep, and temperature compensation in exactly the same way as a new load cell.

The cell is environmentally sealed and returned to you with a one year warranty.

Save money while Techno Monitoring Department refurbishes your used load cells, and be assured of reliable and accurate load measuring and/or weighing performance.