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Running Line Monitoring System

Running Line Monitors are designed to measure the tension and length of a winch drum wire-rope passing through its three wheels, with real time readings shown on a display unit.

Typically used in mooring, cable laying and numerous winch operations to measure and record line tension its robust design make it the industry leading line tension monitor.

  • Designed specifically for harsh marine type environments its modular easy to rig design allows for quick setup, installation and servicing.
  • Can be supplied with various diameter wheels to suit particular rope diameters.
  • Light weight, machined flat plate design.
  • The centre wheel axle is a gauged shearpin load cell with integrated 4…20mA signal conditioning amplifier and subsea rated connector all sealed to IP68.
  • Optionally line speed and payout is measured using an integrated rotary encoder mounted onto the bottom encoder wheel, in a sealed IP68 housing.
  • System can be supplied as a separate item for integration with customers’ existing PLC’s or with a digital display cabinet/TFT touch screen.


  • High capacity up to 200t line tension
  • Carrying points allowing easy and safe portability
  • Fully sealed design to IP68
  • Robust design suitable for offshore industry
  • Integral speed and distance measurements as well as tension
  • Easy to rig without the need to remove sheaves from axles
  • Lifting and securing points
  • Optional mounting fixtures


  • Winch load monitoring
  • Fish towing and salvage
  • Cable laying
  • Crane load monitoring

Clamp Line Tensiometer

Clamp Line Tensiometer measures tension on static lines. This device is easy to install and is available in standard sizes or can be custom-built to your specifications. This system installs in minutes at any convenient point on a fixed position line and can monitor overhead lifting or guy wire applications.