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Techno Monitoring specializes in the design and manufacture of tailor made load cells. If you have a specific application and cannot find a suitable off the shelf load cell, our engineering team will work with you to engineer a load cell that will meet your requirements.

These load sensors are sometimes referred to as force sensing (clevis) pins, lifting pins, shear force pins, or shear pins but they are all the same in that they are all strain gauge transducers that measure shear stress, caused by the load or weight.

All our load cells are custom designed to our customer’s requirements. As a construction element strain gauged load pins can easily replace an existing clevis, pivot pin, sheave pin or hinge block pin of a lifting device or solid shafts in machinery or equipment to measure the load at that point.

Failure is not an option. When you have people working around high tension cables and massive loads, there is no room for error.

You have to have complete confidence in the strength and accuracy of the measurement tool.

All shearpin load cells are made with quality material grades from European mills and manufactured in The Netherlands through our dedicated Quality Process Management System.

Our transducers are designed using the latest technology in computer aided modeling and FEA analysis. Our in-house engineering team will work with you to guarantee the development of a load sensor that meets all your requirements in any environment.

Custom made shearpin load cells are available in capacities up to, and exceeding 51 MN and can be designed to meet extreme safety factors of up to 800% overload protection.

Load cell can also be made fully redundant by installing a second set of strain gages.
In special applications, load pins that measure force in two directions (separately or vectored) are used.

Design Process

  • Starts by discussing your specific application. Typically our engineers will work with your management and/or engineers to identify the optimal transducer design.
  • We engineer the load cell and provide you with engineered drawings for final design approval.
  • When drawing package is approved, production will commence.
  • Lead time is typically 4…6 weeks from approval of engineering drawings if steel inventory is on hand.

Highlights and customer benefits

  • Custom made shearpin load cells for crane, winching, lifting, sheaves and hinge block applications. They can replace standard clevis pins with little to no modifications to the existing construction.
  • Load pins are very versatile and used in many tension/compression load applications to fit any mounting as an easy construction element.
  • We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs to meet the specific capacity, overload, and loading requirements.
  • Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands resulting in high quality assurance.
  • Robust construction for use in any hostile environment including deep sea.
  • All made from high quality alloy steel or stainless steel from European mills.
  • Internal instrumentation with signal conditioning amplifier for added protection
  • Signal conditioning utilizing a 4-20 mA output(s) for PC/PLC interface are available, serial communication or millivolt output with backup bridge network as needed.
  • Engineered to IP68 for long-term service and zero maintenance.
  • All our load cells are proofload tested and calibrated to standards traceable to the National Standards.
  • Supplied with full certificate of proofload and calibration (if applicable 3rd party witness of renowned certification companies)