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Load Links, Analogue or Digital

Custom Made Tension Load Links

All Techno Monitoring custom made tension reference Load Link load cell systems from small to high capacity are made with high quality alloy steel or stainless steel grade materials and manufactured in The Netherlands under our dedicated Quality Process Management System.

Tension links are designed using the latest technology in modeling and FEA analysis. Computer modeling confirms the low stress and long product life of >25 years. Our in house engineering team will work with you to guarantee the development of a tension load link load cell that meets all your requirements.

Extreme engineering. Building a precision instrument that can survive the offshore environment requires masterful engineering. This is where our experience shines through. Our engineers design according to a vast industrial application knowledge and conducted intensive materials testing to achieve high structural integrity.

Custom tension links are available in capacities up to, and exceeding, 1400 ton capacity and can be designed to meet ultimate overload and industrial safety factors of up to 800% overload protection.

Highlights and customer benefits

  • Custom tension load cell for crane, winching, lifting, bollard pull, calibration, rigging and horizontal/vertical hinge block applications.
  • Made from quality stainless steel or high tensile steel from European mills.
  • Tension links are proofload tested and calibrated to standards traceable to the National Standards. Certificate included with curve of readings. Passes only with three consecutive confirming runs, with all points in specification.
  • Designed to IP68, suitable for continuous outdoor use in an all offshore environment.
  • Signal conditioning utilizing a 4…20 mA output for PC/PLC interface, millivolt output with backup bridge network or any RS485 serial data communication are available.
  • Remote configuration, data acquisition and single point monitoring of multiple links are all possible with hardwired or radio communication options available.
  • High resolution and accurate repeatable readings for proper weighing and load measurement.
  • Recessed sealed connector may be used for hardwired instrument connection, serial connection to a remote communicator or radio telemetry communications.

Deepsea (data logging) load link load cells

Our strengths are our expertise and experience.

Techno Monitoring have put 40 years of experience into designing market leading subsea load sensors ideally suited for any operational offshore environment from splash zone to deep-sea (3800 mtr).

When faced with an unpredictable, harsh and challenging environment, robust construction is the key for reliable signal conditioning, data collection and logging.

In this application load link sensors can face a number of threats from chemical corrosion to powerful collisions with heavy objects. That is why our sensors are all stainless steel, have vacuum injection molding of the electrical instrument cables to the sensor body and thick sensor walls.

Their tough construction prevents premature failure, giving you confidence in the durability of your dedicated deep sea load sensor.

Techno Monitoring’s sensors incorporate the most recent technological advances in subsea load measurement (e.g. force in combination with integrated options for: acceleration, vibration, inclination, pressure and temperature).