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Compression Style Load Cells

Techno Monitoring offers an extensive range of compression style load cells for a wide range of measurement applications and weighing. Compression style load sensors comprise a spring element designed to be loaded at one point or area in compression.

Our capacities range from as little as 10 kg up to 3000 tons.

Depending on your particular needs our in house engineering and design team works on the custom made load cell range from simple modifications to complex projects. Our manufacturing process is fully traceable from procurement of raw materials through to final calibration and dispatch. Every load cell has a unique identity and history that is stored electronically for many years after shipment.

We use CAD and FEA to judge the design for compatibility and strength before we proceed to manufacture.

Our extensive product categories

  • Compression load cells
  • Base Mount Compression Load Cells
  • Web-plate style load sensors
  • Canister or column style load cells
  • Tension and compression type load cells
  • Through-hole force sensor
  • Pancake style load cells
  • Low profile style load cells
  • Waterproof low profile load cells designed for operation underwater. Applications include pipelay rollerbox systems, locks and dry docks, marine load applications and weighing, submerged platforms, and all industrial weighing where pit flooding occurs.
  • Silo Weighing Solutions
  • Tank and bin weighing load cells
  • Load cells for offshore Bentonite Tanks
  • High Accuracy Low Profile Load Cell for Industrial Weighing Applications

Ideal for general weighing applications, silo and vessel weighing and for determining centre of gravity, all compression load cells can be supplied with instrumentation packages including amplifiers and displays.
We aim to provide the best possible solution for each application we encounter.