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Your flexible partner in custom design of state-of-the-art measuring sensors, systems and software for Research, Dredging, Offshore and Industry.

 “It is our aim to expand our outlook beyond our routine work.”

 We do focus on client’s needs and are constantly developing our disciplines to widen our client base by providing a total range of innovative products and services.

Sturdy systems to avoid problems

Heavy Industries, Dredging and the Offshore Oil and Gas employ complex mechanical installations with high powers installed.

This imposes strict demands on safety and utmost reliability; this again makes it mandatory to measure critical parameters like forces, stresses, displacements, angles and other mechanical parameters.

At the very same time dredging and offshore are most difficult environments for measuring, due to robust working practices and the presence of salt, moisture and mud.

This makes it essential to work with a design partner to set up measuring systems that work and will continue to work under these severe circumstances.

Techno Fysica’s expertise with Dredging and Offshore

Over the past 25 years Techno Fysica have developed, installed and serviced a large number of measuring systems for dredging and offshore oil and gas.

We have the know-how for the mechanical, electrical and software design, but we also thoroughly understand the robustness and reliability that these industries demand from measuring systems.

Examples of our measuring systems

We have custom build systems for:                   

  • Forces in Mooring Cables, Chains, Tensioners, Cranes, Winches and
    Suction Pipes.
  • Position of Oil Rigs, Jackets, Anchors, Points of Gravity and Suction Heads.
  • Structural inclination, displacements, pay-outs, lengths.
  • Condition monitoring of marine propulsion and other mechanical installations.
  • Monitoring systems for ‘special events’, also for deepsea applications.
  • Vibration surveys, torque & HP-power output, temperature, noise, etc, etc.

Our measuring experience

Techno Fysica BV have experience in measuring just about any mechanical parameter on many types of objects / vessels / installations in all types of industry, all over the world.

Our specialists use the most modern tools in software and instruments, know the testing procedures and are available, if necessary, on very short term. We are proud of our long and ever growing list of satisfied customers.