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Pressure measurement

One of the physical quantities we measure is pressure. One application is measuring combustion pressure of larger diesel engines, which gives insight in the combustion behaviour of these engines and can be used as part of the condition assessment of this installation. This way, aspects such as maximum pressure level, pressure increase, time of ignition and so on can be determined accurately.

These measurements are often combined with other aspects such as shaft power measurements, vibrational behaviour, exhaust gas temperature and exhaust gas analysis.

On top of this, the pressure or differential pressure can be measured, as is applied with pump efficiency measurements. A combination with shaft power measurement and flow measurement will then complete the case.

A final, important, activity is measuring pressures and pressure pulsations in all kinds of systems, varying from ballast and compensation systems, hydraulic systems to even pressure waves in shooting tests. Of course, it is possible to do so with multiple parallel sensors in combination with vibration measurement, flow measurement or other parameters in effect at that time – and all of this combined in one registration system.