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Force measurement

In order to provide force measurement we can apply strain gauges to parts or structures, but since we are manufacturers of force sensors we also have a number of calibrated sensors that we can put to use to measure tensile or compressive forces.

For more permanent solutions and possibly renting, our Monitoring department can be of service to you. For temporary measurements, whether or not in combination with other parameters, our Diagnosis department is at your service.

  • Typical examples of the measurement we carry out are:
  • Weighing structures on 3 or 4 supports up to 50 tonnes per support
  • Determining reaction forces of bridges in order to determine the correct counterweight
  • Measuring pulling force of winches and brakes
  • Measuring bollard pull of tug boats and possibly other types of ships in order to assess propulsion efficiency
  • Measuring/weighing of the hook load of a crane
  • Checking and calibrating of sensors that have already been built in

The available programme of sensors varies, but normally ranges up to 500 tonnes for pulling force (with Lloyd’s certificate) and for weighing up to approximately 50 tonnes per sensor.

Furthermore, we have at our disposal a pair of calibrated and certified test benches in a range up to 500 tonnes compression and 50 tonnes tensile force. Where necessary we make use of local or abroad facilities of a third party in order to carry out even higher load testing.