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The measurements carried out by the Diagnosis department of Techno Fysica can take a shorter or longer time, but will essentially be finite. A broad range of mainly mechanical parameters will be covered with our equipment. The exception regarding duration, is for permanent shaft power measurements and condition monitoring. This is in contrast with the Monitoring department of Techno Fysica, which specialises in permanent solutions. This department has specialised in force measurements. A combination of Diagnosis and Monitoring knowledge is, of course, also possible.

The measurements by the Diagnosis department can, among others, have as a target:

  • Determining design criteria
  • Prototype testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Verification of assumptions and models
  • Periodical assessment or also ‘condition monitoring’
  • Problem investigation (troubleshooting)

Regarding measurement techniques, amongst others the following are possibilities:

  • Sound and vibration measurement (single and multiple channel)
  • Displacement measurement (contact & non-contact)
  • Strain gauge measurement (strain, tensile or compression)
  • Force measurement (pull & pressure)
  • Torque, power and torsional vibration measurement
  • Angular velocity
  • Pressure, temperature and thermal imaging
  • Combustion diagrams of engines
  • Exhaust gas analysis
  • Process signals in V of mA

For almost all these parameters applies that static as well as dynamic application is possible, and that registration of multiple parallel signals also belongs to the possibilities. In practice we prefer 16 channels and a bandwidth up to 2 kHz, but one of our dynamic signal analyses systems already possesses 48 channels with a much higher bandwidth, and by connecting and synchronising with other systems this can still be expanded.