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Damage investigation

When it comes to troubleshooting, Techno Fysica carries out damage investigation by means of destructive and non-destructive investigation of those parts that are damaged. This damage investigation is usually part of a larger investigation, which is mainly meant to find the source of the problems as efficiently as possible. Damage investigation provides information about the mechanism that causes the problems, and this information is subsequently used to search for a solution to the problem, either through measurements or calculation models.

In other cases the investigation is a separate service and the question of who is to blame is at the base of the investigation. Among our clientele you can find insurance experts, who can make an appeal to us in case of complex technical damage. Our impartiality, extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of investigating damage causes make us a valued partner.

Visual investigation usually forms the basis of damage investigation. Based on a first visual inspection it is often already possible to make a statement about the character and cause of damage. The visual investigation is also frequently used to carry out possible measurements with more aim. Based on fracture surface area investigation, external characteristics of damage like corrosion, distortions and so on, it is possible to bring in a verdict about the character of the damage. Of defining importance is often the difference between fatigue or overload, and the difference between, for example, torsion and bending. It is also possible to make a statement about the suitability of the component concerned, within the current application.

Based on the discovered mechanical characteristics (determined by tests such as tensile testing, Charpy impact test, Vickers hardness measurement and so on) a verdict can be brought in about the quality of material. This can then be supplemented with investigations into structure, material and welding quality.