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Diagnosis is one of the most important activities to do with design and with localising and solving problems within the field of mechanical engineering. For this we use a range of measuring equipment and calculating methods, which are being expanded continually and at the client’s wishes. After more than 40 years of experience and many thousands of projects we are sure that we will be your partner of choice too.

The main activities of the diagnosis department can be divided as follows:

  • Measuring a large range of mechanical parameters (measuring vibrations, shaft power, torsion, pressure, temperature, sound, tension etc.).
  • Analysing the measurement data (ODS and modal analysis, condition monitoring according to ISO 18436.2, torsional vibrations; all of this in relation to damage research and different calculations).
  • Calculating (torsional vibration calculations following Class guidelines, calculating both static and dynamic finite element models, alignment according to the sag & gap method, whirling and also calculations for degrees of freedom of resiliently mounted installations).
  • Investigating damage through metallurgical research on parts of complex structures (mechanical investigation, microscopy, structural investigation, root cause failure analysis, or ruling out a production defect or misuse).
  • Guidance regarding static and dynamic behaviour of machines and structures during design, use and for modifications (building support, contract review, measurement review, advice regarding acceptance testing and execution and arbitration).
  • Condition monitoring, usually in the shape of vibration measurements, but thermography and registration of combustion pressure, power and torsional vibrations are also possible. Of course we possess ISO 18436.2 Cl 3 certificates for this.
  • Troubleshooting. In combining several of the above-mentioned disciplines we are capable like no other to solve all kinds of problems. These problems can vary from too short a durability caused, for example, by excessive wear; vibration or sound hindrance, all the way to severe damage or malfunction. 

The areas in which we are active are primarily:

  • Commercial shipping, from ferry and inland shipping to ‘Capesize’
  • Offshore construction, dredging activities and towing services
  • Power generation, cogeneration plants and industry
  • Cruise, cruise ferry and yachts
  • Navy